Carole F. “The benefits of chiropractic care has inabled me to have less pain on some days, but most days now that I’m on a regular program, are pain free.”

Jerry R. “I’m not experiencing the lower back pain, plus I stand a lot straighter.”

Bill F. “Definitely has made a difference. Neck & shoulder areas no longer tense up as before. Has relieved much of the discomfort from the carpal tunnel syndrome that I did not expect.”

Jean R. “I am resting better at night. Also, I am pain free in the neck and down the arm.”

Misty T. “My most recent migraine only lasted a few hours instead of a couple of days.”

Kay T. “When something so simple can stop the aches and pains its worth it. It has alleviated most of the numbness and the stress knot at the base of my skull is gone.”

Rex O. “Shoulders and neck are not as stiff, more flexable. Don’t know when I had a headache last.”

Alan D. “I wish I had come to this office sooner. I have been 100% better. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Toland and I feel he is very competent in his field.”

Betsy E. “Chiropractic helps keep my body in better shape (re: pain & flexibility) than it would be without it. I have been able to reduce my thyroid replacement hormone supplement from .125 mg / day to .100 mg.”

Joan S. “I endured for too long in pain and anguish before deciding to seek chiropractic treatment. 6 months were too long to have endured what I really believe treatment accomplished overnight. I did the medicines and physical therapy for 6 months w/ot any improvements. I feel I’m on the right track now.”

Brenda H. “I have more energy, better use of hands and lower back is improved.”

Barbara S. “After 1 week I had more energy and could reach further than I had in years. Soon my flexibility increased. I now need not limit my activity time nor do I need recovery time. My stoop and limp are gone. I don’t awake to numb or “sleeping” limbs.”

Steve I have been impressed with the skill level of Dr. Toland & his staff. There seems to be a genuine concern for my problem and to date, all pain has vanished!”

Brenda F. “Chiropractic care has helped me in several different ways. I can walk without the fear of falling. I can get out of bed without help or pain. I don’t have very many headaches anymore. I feel that I have greatly befefitted from the chiropractic care that I have received.”

Chris M. “My neck and back spasms have stopped completely. Sleep is better.”

Kevin F. “Helped my overall posture on a daily basis. Easier to get going in the morning.”

Regina I. “I have had quite a bit of relief in my headaches and neck pain, and also my hip pain. I generally feel better and am now able to do regular exercises. I have definitely received benefits from chiropractic care.”

Nanci J. “ My neck pain has been greatly reduced so now I can drive 4-5 hours without pain. I feel more energetic and my physical endurance has increased.”

Paula G. “ I was driving and my vision became “blurred”, took glasses off and could see clearer! Has happened several times since then. Also noticed I had to turn volume down on my phones and my TV. Also my skin appears to be clearer. I look forward to continued possibilities of healthful living thru chiropractic care.”

Ernest R. “Working with Dr. Toland has removed and in other areas reduced the chronic pain and discomfort.”

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